Topologic Workbench for FreeCAD is now in GitHub

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Topologic Workbench for FreeCAD is now in GitHub

Post by ragohix769 »


I think this is an important milestone to talk about, and there is no thread about in the forum.

Topologic, for a very very short introduction, is a software modelling library enabling hierarchical and topological representations of architectural spaces, buildings and artefacts through non-manifold topology (NMT). Topologic is designed as a core library and additional plugins to visual data flow programming (VDFP) applications and parametric modelling platforms commonly used in architectural design practice. These applications provide workspaces with visual programming nodes and connections for architects to interact with Topologic and perform architectural design and analysis tasks.

With Topologic you can export or connect your parametric model made in FreeCAD (even with BIM approch where FreeCAD has some excellence) with other SW or WB for, IE, making advanced energy modelling and analysis.

There is a thread on OSArch too and Paul Lee is doing a great job on testing and evaluting the approch: ... ammars/p24

But I think we should talk about it here too :-)
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Re: Topologic Workbench for FreeCAD is now in GitHub

Post by paullee »

Yes thanks @ragohix769 :)

Please help Dr. Wassim, who may not be too familiar with programming in FreeCAD, to port Topologic (which use OpenCascade under the hood as FreeCAD ) and develop the tools in the workbench for FreeCAD.
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