How can I install Old Version of Freecad?

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How can I install Old Version of Freecad?

Post by adarshch »

How can I install the Old Version(version-0.19) of Freecad?
My operating system is Ubuntu Linux.

Actually, I am having an issue creating mesh since the software has been updated. Before the update, there was no such problem. So I think if I go back to Freecad-0.19, my issue can be resolved.

I am getting this error on creating mesh ->
0.0: We are going to start ...
0.0: Start Gmsh ...
0.1: Gmsh had warnings ...
0.1: Error: Gmsh requires OpenCASCADE to import shape
0.1: Gmsh done!

Edit: I have uninstalled and again installed freecad-0.20 using command - "sudo snap install freecad". But in the newly downloaded freecad-0.20 again that problem occurred.
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Re: How can I install Old Version of Freecad?

Post by NewJoker »

You can find all the releases here:

But it would be good to solve this issue in 0.20 so please provide all the necessary info in the thread that you previously started (it might be better to move it to the FEM subforum by the way):
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Re: How can I install Old Version of Freecad?

Post by adrianinsaval »

this could be a snap issue or an issue with your config, I suggest first trying the 0.20 appimage: or the flatpak
if they don't work here you can find an appimage for 0.19

Also for this kind of stuff please use the help forum, there you will find a big banner with a link to the guidelines please follow those guidelines and provide full version info when asking for help, "freecad-0.20 on Ubuntu Linux" is just not enough information to properly troubleshoot as it could mean a lot fo things. Help the helpers help you ;)
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