Call for screenshots

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Re: Call for screenshots

Post by arnn »

That is really beautiful. how did you get/do this interface.

OficineRobotica wrote: Thu Jul 16, 2020 6:13 pm I was doing some testing on a tower pc with a ultra wide monitor and thought that Freecad looks just beautiful.
Using LinkStage3 branch with overlay interface and shadows activated in the view port.hydroBrake.jpeg
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Re: Call for screenshots

Post by wieszak17 »

Yet another railway part - this time friend aked me to model some part of steam loco - i don't know proper english name for it - it is user end part of device used to set power of engine by regulating how much steam is used per cycle and also to set direction of movement.
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Re: Call for screenshots

Post by PrzemoF »

Beautiful part! I think it's called "screw reverser"
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Re: Call for screenshots

Post by Stemfie3D »

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Re: Call for screenshots

Post by Grub »

At first I only wanted to model the engine and sprockets and then finally I continued, here is my vintage electric scooter, it's not finished, there are still some small details left :
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Re: Call for screenshots

Post by KAEL_CyberCorp »

Following the guidelines by user OficineRobotica:
-LinkStage3 FreeCAD branch by RealThunder
-FreeCAD Customization tips by OficineRobotica
Using the "tire rim" tutorial by Mark Ganson for the example in the screenshot:
Hidden line view with Pie floating menu
FreeCAD-wheel-rimA.png (563.88 KiB) Viewed 15848 times
Shadow view
FreeCAD-wheel-rimB.png (487.41 KiB) Viewed 15848 times
Tessellation view
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Re: Call for screenshots

Post by kosednar »

Thanks to all my friends at the FreeCAD Forum.

Finished Flex Shaft Pedal.
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Closed Pedal.jpg
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Re: Call for screenshots

Post by atererus »

N-scale model of a Siemens S 700 point driver used by the German railways. Work is not ready yet. Can make better pictures, just ask. Design will be free and open source.


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Re: Call for screenshots

Post by jimmihenry »

Hi, here is a 4,8mm crimp connector. It has a interesting geometry. It is made as one body
with the Part Design workbench and FreeCAD Conda build 24825 on a Windows 7 confuser.
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Re: Call for screenshots

Post by »

Here's a sneak peak at my (pre-alpha) FreeCAD <-> Inkscape integration.

On the left, there is a sketch with a square and a circle, which has been piped into a parametric instance of the Inkscape plug-in "Fractalize", and the result was extruded. When editing the sketch, the plug-in is run again, and the extruded shape is automatically updates.

On the right, a completely different feature: an Inkscape window can be embedded into the FreeCAD MDI (Multiple Document Interface). In other words, Inkscape can appear within a FreeCAD tab. The goal is to allow editing 2D shapes by hand. It's not quite there yet, but from within FreeCAD it would be possible to "right-click -> edit in Inkscape", which would export the shape to SVG, open Inkscape in a tab, and sync the changes back. This integration mechanism is very generic, and pretty much no code is specific to Inkscape aside from a list of plug-ins and a couple of window management tweaks, so it should be possible to have integration of other applications (GIMP, Blender, …) with minimal effort per additional application.

These two features are completely unrelated (it is possible to use parametric Inkscape plug-ins from the XternalAppsInkscapeWorkbench without opening Inkscape in a tab, and it is possible to open Inkscape in a tab without using the parametric nodes in the document tree).

(yes, the text is tiny, I got hit by a bug :evil: which seems to affect all Qt apps on my machine, regardless of their AppImage/Nix/apt-get origin, and makes the text absolutely tiny on my low-dpi monitor, and normal on the hi-dpi one…)
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