Pyside2 / libshiboken2 for Python 3.9

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Pyside2 / libshiboken2 for Python 3.9

Post by HarryvL »

I moved from Python3.8 to 3.9 and now hit a dependency hurdle in the make process, i.e. my libshiboken2-dev package is built for Python 3.8. I looked around and could not find any repo with a version for 3.9. Does anybody know one that will work on Ubuntu 20.04 ?
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Re: Pyside2 / libshiboken2 for Python 3.9

Post by adrianinsaval »

in relatively recent discussion someone mentioned that debian provides these packages buitl against two versions of python, perhaps that is also the case here, check what files the shiboken package includes and see if there are files referencing 3.8

this was the thread: ... 82#p597183 check the previous messages to see what workaround was needed to make it build against the other version
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