Bounty for Broken PPA/Launchpad - Problem Description

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Bounty for Broken PPA/Launchpad - Problem Description

Post by wandererfan »

Our PPA/Launchpad process is broken for some versions of FreeCAD on some versions of Linux. I would like to put up a bounty to get this fixed. To that end, I've attempted to draft a description of the problem to attract bounty hunters. Since my knowledge of packaging is not terribly deep, I would appreciate input from wiser heads. TIA.

The current draft:

Launchpad recipe for FreeCAD builds unusable packages

Debian packages for FreeCAD as built on Launchpad produce an executable that is unusable on some Linux distributions.

These packages are used to maintain Ubuntu PPAs for both stable and development versions of FreeCAD.

The traditional build process of CMake + make produces usable executables for distributions where the Launchpad packages do not.

EDIT: In addition, some new dependencies have been added that are not reflected in the package building scripts.

Steps To Reproduce:
1) execute FreeCAD Launchpad recipe - such as
# git-build-recipe format 0.4 deb-version {debupstream}~{time}
lp:~freecad-maintainers/freecad/+git/freecad master
nest-part debian lp:freecad debian debian ppa/daily-impish
2) install packages in a distribution mentioned in
3) FreeCAD will either not work at all, or will fail to properly display drawings in the TechDraw module.

Users who are unable to build a local version are either unable to use FreeCAD or can only operate in a degraded mode.

Desired Result:
Modify existing Launchpad packaging process so that it builds working packages that are the equivalent of a local build. Process should provide packages for stable (v0.20) and daily (v0.21) versions. This may require making changes in the Debian Salsa environment.

Additional Information: ... 42&t=69271 ... 42&t=69301 ... 54#p597654
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Re: Bounty for Broken PPA/Launchpad - Problem Description

Post by Kunda1 »

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Re: Bounty for Broken PPA/Launchpad - Problem Description

Post by adrianinsaval »

there are also dependency problems for the ppa, a couple missing new dependencies for the addon manager and I think there was some package in some ubuntu versions that were not compatible
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