FreeCAD Daily PPA: Missing dependencies

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FreeCAD Daily PPA: Missing dependencies

Post by Olav »

To whom it may concern ;-)

I'm installing FreeCAD 0.20 from the Daily PPA on (X)Ubuntu 22.04 for a test. Installation goes fine. But at first startup the Report View says:

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16:53:19  Could not import QtNetwork -- it does not appear to be installed on your system. Please install the package 'python3-pyside2.qtnetwork' on your system and if possible contact your FreeCAD package maintainer to alert them to the missing dependency. The Addon Manager will not be available.
16:53:19  Addon Manager Warning: Could not import QtWebEngineWidgets, it seems to be missing from your system. Please use your system's package manager to install the python3-pyside2.qtwebengine* and python3-pyside2.qtwebchannel packages, and if possible alert your package creator to the missing dependency. Display of package README will be limited until this dependency is resolved.

After installing those missing packages it works of course, including the addon manager.
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Re: FreeCAD Daily PPA: Missing dependencies

Post by Emplar »

The problem is still there, with fresh installed FreeCAD-Daily.
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Re: FreeCAD Daily PPA: Missing dependencies

Post by uwestoehr »

@kkremitzki can you please have a look?
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