Is it possible to merge some Textures <<<code with Materials ?

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Is it possible to merge some Textures <<<code with Materials ?

Post by JellyPalm »

I am using the most basic part of Texture WB to allocate textures to my Arch building objects (walls, doors and roofs only).

(yes, it might be better in the Arch forum, but it is related to materials too:

To refresh: Using Textures in Arch, the workflow seems to be:

create Arch object.
Create/(allocate) Material to object.

Select the Arch object
Ensure that Texture WB installed
Create a blank Texture object
Open the Texture object
Associate the created Material with the texture object
Associate the image files with the texture.
close Texture Dialogue
Toggle the Texture - ON.

This gets quite slow if there are lots of individual walls, doors and etc., all with different textures.

Since all materials (in reality) have texture - it seems to me that it would be simpler to have the texture allocation process within the Material dialogue window, rather than have to allocate it every time.
Then each time you create a material, you get to choose to associate a texture with it, at creation, and simplify the process by about 6 steps.

I get that the Texture WB has other applications in relation to geo-related imagery (i haven't used them yet), and may be expanding into other areas too. But I wonder if for these basic material use-cases, whether it might be possible to allocate some of the code(image JPG, Bump JPG) from the Textures WB into the Materials Editor so that the material appearance is specified on creation.
It is more intuitive like that I think, and also in line with other, similar software.

This may also solve the problem I alluded to earlier this year, ( ... 7&start=40) that when you make an Arch model with lots of un-connected walls, you have to allocate a separate material AND a separate Texture to each, otherwise there are unhappy conflicts.
If each material is associated with a single texture there is no need for duplication, and the only issue becomes the rotation of the image on the occasional unusual object-face.

Just a thought...
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Re: Is it possible to merge some Textures <<<code with Materials ?

Post by paullee »

+1. Unfortunately it seems the original author of the ArchTexture WB @Furti is not actively maintaining the add-on recently.

Hope anyone capable can continue :)
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