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Re: Starting with CfdOF

Post by maxam »

thschrader wrote: Tue Jun 28, 2022 10:18 am You must create a new run-folder under ofuser-of8, then select a tutorial and
copy it into the new run folder. Did you do that?
Yes I did it! :)
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Re: Starting with CfdOF

Post by thschrader »

maxam wrote: Tue Jun 28, 2022 12:32 pm Yes I did it! :)
Very strange...
I dont have admin-rights on my company-laptop, installation of bluecfd was done by
our IT-service. But this worked with VPN, I could see the installation on my home-office screen.
We choosed "Full Installation" option with all the default settings, as shown here at 1:50:

Sometimes there is a problem with the installation when bluecfd must overwrite an existing
MS-MPI for using multi-cpu calculations.

Uninstall bluecfd and all existing MS-MPI, reboot system, install again.
If this doesnt help, you should call your IT-guys... ;)
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Re: Starting with CfdOF

Post by Syres »

I'd just go straight to your IT guys, it's the home user area that appears to be the root cause, it should definitely be ofuser as stipulated in C:\MyProgrs\blueCFD-Core-2020\blueCFD-Core_MSys2_mingw64.bat which then starts C:\MyProgrs\blueCFD-Core-2020\msys64\msys2_shell.cmd

Code: Select all

rem Always create these folders, even if it's not necessary to use them
md %TEMP%\msys_tmp
md %TEMP%\msys_dev

rem hack in our own generic user-name
set USERNAME=ofuser
set USER=ofuser
set HOME=/home/ofuser
I've never seen this happen on an installation before so I can't be much more help.
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Re: Starting with CfdOF

Post by maxam »

I repeated the installation as you suggested. It doesn't work.

You are right, I need a help from mu IT. Problem is that I already submitted the problem to my IT (before boring you :) ) but they have no time nor skill to solve it.

I think I must be realist and stop trying. However I would like to thank you all for your help.
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