FreeCAD Logo Gallery - Please read the first post!

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FreeCAD Logo Gallery - Please read the first post!

Post by derei »

I made this topic as a result of this post: ... 30#p434615
I have no special authority or control over what happens on this forum. This post is made in my name, but with the honest intention to contribute and help. If anyone feels uncomfortable about this post, it should be discussed with the forum's admins. If a decision will be taken to be deleted, I am perfectly fine with that.

*For admins: if you will be kind enough to offer your help in maintaining this thread clean, it will be into all our benefit. Thank you.

The aim of this thread is to have all FreeCAD Logo Proposals in one place, so when time comes, we could do a poll and choose the most adequate logo for a fresh look of FreeCAD. Therefore:


1. ONLY Logo Proposals.

2. One Logo per post (as in logo style, but multiple variants of the same style are accepted)

3. Please NO replies, comments or any other post that is NOT A LOGO proposal.
For discussions around logos there is the dedicated thread:

4. We are all creative people, but this isn't DeviantArt.
If you feel really creative, please pick your best five.

  • Your own work only. Even if a proposal is extraordinary and you wish it would be here, please refrain from posting in the name of another person. The reason is that if the logo gets selected, most probably the author's intervention will be required. Abandoned posts or accounts wouldn't help anyone.
  • Make your post as complex as you like, post variants if you consider them relevant, but for the purpose of easier indexing, each logo style should be contained to one post. This is NOT a Work-In-Progress thread, but for the final ideas. Please see Guideline (3) above for the Logo Design Thread.
  • IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you also update the logo in SVG format!! No logos will be considered if the source (SVG) isn't uploaded too.

There are quite a few poll-creation websites, some free, some paid. The one I found and allows creation of image polls is this one:
After this thread will collect enough proposals, myself or anyone who will be willing to, will prepare all images from each listing here and will fill in the poll. Also, the permalink of each proposal will be added as caption for the poll option (in this way it will be easy to find the author of the work).
Following that, the poll link should be made public here on the forum, for the people to vote their favorite.

It is my hope that popular vote will matter for the developers, but at the same time specialist and educated opinion will be weighted before making a decision.

Thank you.
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Re: FreeCAD Logo Gallery - Please read the first post!

Post by Haides »

Hi my name is Michael Brakoch, from Itsari Graphics, this is my logo suggestions:
logo za freecad grdt.svg
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logo za freecad grdt B&W.svg
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logo za freecad flat.svg
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flat icon freecad logo shade.svg
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iso flat icon freecad logo.svg
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Re: FreeCAD Logo Gallery - Please read the first post!

Post by Halldor »

This is my logo proposal. (SVG is attached.)
freecadArtboard 1-sdf100.png
freecadArtboard 1-sdf100.png (29.4 KiB) Viewed 27095 times
My proposal is a new simple logo that is reminiscent of the classic FreeCAD logo.

Logo elements:
1. Slice of color with an F silhouette.
2. Cog in the shape of "C" that stands for CAD

The slice of color is an homage to all the small and large voluntary work that the members of the FreeCAD community have put into the program.
Here in Iceland we have a saying that very roughly translates to "many small pieces make one big" that we use when someone is downplaying
their effort or if say someone donates a small amount to an charity, that is what makes programs like FreeCAD amazing in my opinion.

The Color of the slice would change for every version of FreeCAD.

The slice could possibly also be used without the "F" as an icon for plugins, addons, and many other things with a small "silhouette" of something or an icon besides it.

The Cog as stands for "C" or CAD. It is a connection to the classic FreeCAD logo.

My idea for this proposal is that it should be new and fresh, simple, scalable, easily recognizable and preferably rather timeless. (Many of these factors are up to a personal preference, this is what I think of the logo I made, and I understand that this might not hold true for all.)

Here I made a quick Program loading screen to see the logo in use.
freecad_loading.jpg (68.83 KiB) Viewed 27095 times
If you have comments or suggestions about this proposal, feel free to send me a private message, or post a comment on one of my posts in the Logo discussion thread. (Link in the first post in this thread.)

Best regards,
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Re: FreeCAD Logo Gallery - Please read the first post!

Post by NicolasH »

Font : Roboto
Logo 07.jpg
Logo 07.jpg (732.01 KiB) Viewed 24448 times
Logo 07 -2.jpg
Logo 07 -2.jpg (19.9 KiB) Viewed 24448 times
Logo 07.svg
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Re: FreeCAD Logo Gallery - Please read the first post!

Post by drucken »

I don't know what you think about remixes, but I made one out of NicolasH's logo above... Just mixed with the proportions and hues, and added a gradient.
Hope you all are ok with that - if not, no hard feelings :o
freecad heart 256.png
freecad heart 256.png (11.78 KiB) Viewed 24298 times
freecad heart.svg
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freecad heart 1024.png
freecad heart 1024.png (25.47 KiB) Viewed 24298 times
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Re: FreeCAD Logo Gallery - Please read the first post!

Post by KWinroth87 »

I was going for a real simple sharp edged design with this logo. I strayed away from gradients, overuse of color and hard black lines as they can make the logo look too cartoony. I might try my hand at creating a logo without letters and just design something purely symbolic but I'm not sure what form captures the idea of a FreeCAD program. Let me know what you guys think.
FreeCad Logo.png
FreeCad Logo.png (22.27 KiB) Viewed 22804 times
FreeCad Logo.svg
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Re: FreeCAD Logo Gallery - Please read the first post!

Post by PepeChan »

Hi guys:

my two cents as a new forum member, this time by trying to take a bit from the original logo (the gear) while making a very fresh, different proposal.

I also tried to respect the colors but gave it a bit more of a soft hue since I find the current a bit too aggressive, especially when the icon is seen in the Task Bar.
FreeCAD1.jpg (209.29 KiB) Viewed 22200 times
Here we can see how the program icon could be seen by the end user in a Windows environment.
FreeCAD2.jpg (171.13 KiB) Viewed 22200 times
Here the SVG version of the logo:
The attachment FreeCAD.svg is no longer available
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Re: FreeCAD Logo Gallery - Please read the first post!

Post by Gavinlynas »

Yo! Below are my version/s of the FreeCAD logo. My original post that spurred me on to do more was - ... 34&t=59589, which seemed pretty positive overall and gave me some motivation and tips for improvement...minus a certain someone that shall not be named. They are all basically the same logo done in a different way as specified above. The different looking one (called Simplified) is the original logo minus the top bit which suprisingly still forms an F and a C if you look carefully. Since there is a 5 file upload limit per post (including PNG), after much mucking about and post edits, I finally decided to just make 1 large PNG with all logos contained and 1 ZIP file with all SVG's contained. Enjoy.
FreeCAD Logo All.png
FreeCAD Logo All.png (200.52 KiB) Viewed 19391 times
FreeCAD Logo All (SVG).zip
(198.01 KiB) Downloaded 74 times
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Re: FreeCAD Logo Gallery - Please read the first post!

Post by chrisb »

Gavinlynas wrote: Wed Jul 21, 2021 5:10 pm Yo!
FreeCAD Logo Original.svg

FreeCAD Logo Original V2.svg

FreeCAD Logo 3D.svg

FreeCAD Logo 3D V2.svg
You should upload them as png or both, so they can be viewed directly in the browser.
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Re: FreeCAD Logo Gallery - Please read the first post!

Post by Michelangelo7 »

after a few years each logo needs an adjustment restiling... mine is just a proposal!!! I have seen some other interesting proposals... I tried to remember the elements present in the current logo as much as possible. ;)
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