FreeCAD Parts Design and Assemblies Tutor $40/hr (negotiable)

Post here if you have a FreeCAD-related job to offer to the FreeCAD community. This can include programming or modeling.
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FreeCAD Parts Design and Assemblies Tutor $40/hr (negotiable)

Post by skeer562 »

I'm trying to model a cargo van with camper conversion modifications, but I'm so new to FreeCAD, that it's very hard. I'm looking for someone who's going to be able to call me, and I can share my screen.
Near term:
Learn assembly level constraints (I'm guessing this is workbench: A2Plus, Assembly 3, or Assembly 4?), mating, positioning, and etc. I have an imported step file that needs to be properly constrained in place. I want to constrain the fan (step file) shown by the driver's rear wheel to the top middle of the roof and specify how many inches it should be from the back of the van.
Fix the van floor thickness and wheel wells. Talk about order of operations for "sculpting" to make the chassis look more like a real Ford Transit.
Chamfer the vehicle's boxy edges

Long term:
Potential for more work. Help with issues that come up, questions, and potentially walking through new concepts and teachings.

Negotiable, depending on experience. Starts at $40 per hour for minimum experience.

Evenings (MST, timezone) and weekends as needed, flexible

Minimum of 1000 hours on FreeCAD
Knowledgeable about part creation, parts design workbench, assemblies, and assembly constraints.
A2PLUS, Assembly 3, or Assembly 4 workbench (if needed for my task)
Linux is an added plus

Reply back to this message with your:
Estimated number of hours designing on FreeCAD
Experience related to what I'm wanting to learn
Why you think you'd be a good fit

Current model:
Idea of what the project will look like:
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Re: FreeCAD Parts Design and Assemblies Tutor $40/hr (negotiable)

Post by Cekuhnen »

Out of curiosity why do you want to use assemblies for this?
You hardly have mechanical parts like an engine or such.
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Re: FreeCAD Parts Design and Assemblies Tutor $40/hr (negotiable)

Post by Aleks »

Have you already found someone? If not, then send me a message:
Everything I say is from the perspective of a mechanical engineer that is interested in tools to help create machines and other physical products. If you know what 2006/42/EG is, I would like to talk :)
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