Missing lines with DXF Export

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Missing lines with DXF Export

Post by glynnmil »

When I write DXF file there are missing lines. Build part with primatives (lines, circles, arc, and b-spline one one side) in Draft. Deleted construction points upon connecting at construction @ points then merged into 2D wire frame. This is a waterjet tool path so a DXF file is needed. Tried different Import-Export (DXF) settings in Preferences but still missing segments. 50% of tool path is missing (all 6 circle appear, 1 or 1 constant radius missing, and 8 straignt line segment. Cannot tell if the b-spline is correct. Using FreeCAD 0.19. Been working on the problem for weeks. Image ???????? HELP ???????? Thankyou GLynn
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Re: Missing lines with DXF import

Post by thomas-neemann »

glynnmil wrote: Mon Jul 04, 2022 10:28 pm ...
can you upload test files as fcstd and dxf?
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Re: Missing lines with DXF Export

Post by GeneFC »

Split as a new topic, since this is about Export, not Import.
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