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Re: Skip Recomputes

Post by warwolf7 »

Thank you
wow, I wished I had found this earlier! This is going some much better without a recomputer everytime I look at my expressions!!!

Thanks for your hard work, this software has so much potential!!
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Re: Skip Recomputes

Post by Teaniel »

Hi all

Sorry for the late up...
I have suggestions regarding this behavior, especially for spreadsheets :
- In SpreadSheet, it is really anoying when I type a label that has no dependencie and I must wait two minutes until I can type the next, or when I have disabled recomputing have the #PENDING that masks what I have typed... It should be a way between these extremes where everyone could be well.
My suggestion for this case :
- A tool button and a shortkey that effect would be toggle recompute mode (on/off) near the recompute button, so this action could be very accessible.
- Even recomputing active, label modifying in spreadsheet does not need to request recomputing, unless the cell is aliased, and alias elsewhere used
- It could be two levels of recomputing in spreadsheets : calc level and global level, where clalc level could be disconnected from global unless external references exists and there are references to externals.
- recomputing could allways be delayed until spreadsheet is closed or looses focus.

Another time, thanks for your hard work since so a long time!
best regards!
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