Torch of freedom

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Torch of freedom

Post by Agentkayy »

Description: Plunger, Mario's comrade
Usage: Granting freedom to many things

OS: Microsoft Windows 10
FreeCAD version: 0.19.4


How I done it:

This one is on part workbench, all unit in metres unless mentioned (Sorry USA, Burma, Liberia), purely CSG

  1. Create a sphere with
    • Radius of 0.075
    • U parameter of π rad or 180 deg
    • V parameter of -½π rad or -90 deg and ½π rad or 90 deg
  2. Create another sphere with
    • Radius of 0.07
    • U parameter of π rad or 180 deg
    • V parameter of -½π rad or -90 deg and ½π rad or 90 deg
  3. Make a cut by selecting the larger half sphere (Sphere) first then the other sphere (Sphere001)
  4. Create a tube with
    • Outer radius of 0.015
    • Inner radius of 0.01
    • Height of 0.045
    • Z at 0.07
  5. Make a union with the above cut and the tube
  6. Fillet the selected edge with the edge between the tube and the cut (Edge5) with
    • radius of 0.02
  1. Create a cylinder with
    • Radius of 0.01
    • Height of 0.7
    • Z at 0.07
Finally mark your freedom with your favorrite colour

EDIT: The initial design cup is too way big to be real, I shrunk the cup and shorten the handle
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Re: Torch of freedom

Post by KurtF »

Lol. +1
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Re: Torch of freedom

Post by chrisb »

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Re: Torch of freedom

Post by Kunda1 »

Fighting the good fight!
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Re: Torch of freedom

Post by mario52 »


now you have the universal torch of freedom and gratis

for the curve and siphon
universalPlunger00.png (79 KiB) Viewed 814 times
and for see the problem
universalPlunger01.png (95.26 KiB) Viewed 814 times
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