New showcase forum rules!

Show off your FreeCAD projects here!
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New showcase forum rules!

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This forum now replaces the "Show your FreeCAD projects here!" topic which had grown huge and difficult to navigate.

So please don't be shy and show your stuff, big or small!

Here are a few rules, not to be taken seriously: :)
  • Create a new topic to show what you have created in FreeCAD. Don't be shy, nothing is too simple to show. Well, maybe don't post if all you did was create a box. :P
  • Give a small description of its use, if there's none, hey no problem, not everything has to be useful in life. ;)
  • Add some insight on how you modeled it, and why this way rather than that way.
  • Mention your FreeCAD version, and your operating system (Win, MacOSX, Linux distro). See the "Read first before asking for help" topic for how to post this info.
  • Post a screen capture. The forum Upload attachment accepts quite a few image formats now, JPG and PNG are preferred. Size is limited to 512KiB, don't make it too big. Crop it first with MS Paint, GIMP or any other raster image program.
  • Even better, post the FreeCAD file (.FCStd, .fcstd) if you're OK with sharing it. Others will be able to see how you made it, and maybe learn something. The Upload attachment utility accepts FreeCAD documents, don't zip it, as the FreeCAD file format is already a ZIP container. If your file exceeds 1MB, upload it on a free sharing/hosting service, there are many out there.
And keep in mind: if you want to keep your rights on your design, it may be better not to post it here.

That's it! Let's start modeling! :ugeek: