[Bug] [FC 0.20] [Part Design] Boolean operation offsets a part

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[Bug] [FC 0.20] [Part Design] Boolean operation offsets a part

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I was trying to substract a part from another, both parts had an offset of 20[mm] in the Z axis and both were aligned to make correctly the operation but while doing the operation one part (the big gear, the 2nd part selected) was moved and the resulted part was not the one expected.

The gear part is from the Gear WB and it's inside a Body container, the other one is just a cylinder created in PartDesign.
Also I can confirm the bug when both pieces are Bodies from the PartDesign WB.

YouTube video: https://youtu.be/ja2LHfCJHVA

The alternative is to not offset the parts before the boolean operation.

I'm using FreeCAD 0.20 downloaded from github, I'm using W10.
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