body from ready-made g-code

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body from ready-made g-code

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Colleagues, good afternoon.

The program copes perfectly with the creation of objects from drawings, sketches. It can also make a body out of a lot of points, mesh. But I would like more. For example, from ready-made g-code. Here is a simple example - in fact we have a set of sections along one axis. It is there, but how to eat it?
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A good case would be to have a tool to divide this object into individual sketches = sections. So you can adjust each one separately. Each section outline is defined directly in the code with coordinates, straight segments and arcs (part of a circle), i.e. no need to convert this to a spline (expensive in terms of calculations for future transformations).

It would seem that if the program "sees" and "understands", it should not be very difficult to do the right thing?
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