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josegegas wrote: Wed Feb 17, 2021 5:46 am
My question is, is someone keen to work with me on this? The idea would be to start with something as simple as a single pendullum. I simulate it with my MBDyn + FreeCAD workbench. Someone else can simmulate the same thing with Modelica, and we compare results (kinematic curve, reaction forces...). If the results are the same or look reasonable similar, this will mean I am heading in the right direction with my approach to connect FreeCAD and MBDyn.
I came across this thread by accident. I've just published a series of free Modelica tutorials that you might find useful if you are new to Modelica. In the first chapter, you'll learn how to simulate a pendulum model. You can use OpenModelica to run the example.

The first chapter of the Modelica Series can be found here: ... o-modelica
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Re: Modelica

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New version OpenModelica v1.19.0 released ... tes/1.19.0

see also presentations from the OpenModelica Annual Workshop 2022 ... ram-2022-a (check links to pdf's)
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