Standards Compliance - OCC STEP - "AP 242 Edition 2" fully (or more) ?

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Standards Compliance - OCC STEP - "AP 242 Edition 2" fully (or more) ?

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I looked around and could not find references providing details on the level of compliance of the generated STEP file that the engine used by FreeCAD can provide.

I did confirm that the generated STEP file is reporting itself as formatted to ISO 10303-214.

However, three is no indication if that is compliant with ISO 10303-214:2010 or the earlier ISO 10303-214:2003.

However, given the evolution of STEP and the fact that the above was "withdrawn" when ISO 10303-242 was first published in 2014, and that even that version of the standard was updated/replaced by ISO 10303-242:2020, there is no guidance provided thru the FreeCAD site as to the "compliance status" at this time, between the STEP AP 214 file being generated and the current AP 242:2020.

I don't have funds to buy those standards, so I have no way to compare them or provide a forward compatibility/breakage chart comparing the element/object types one-by-one.

Before posting this, I did post a request ... ly-or-more for the extent of compliance of the STEP file generation engine on the OCCT site, (on the assumption that FreeCAD is using that without modifications or customizations) and will update here publicly with whatever findings that they provide.
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